Concerto for TV Set and Diode for Voytek - artistic software and physical computing devices for the work by The WRO Art Center Team

Concerto for TV Set and Diode for Voytek at WRO Art Center (Wrocław/Poland)

This installation includes Wojciech Bruszewski’s famous 1973 film YYAA. A photodiode connected to a speaker has been installed in the monitor; the diode “reads” the pixels comprising the image on the screen, which are the source of the sound emitted by the speaker. In YYAA, Bruszewski’s screaming of open and closed vowel sounds controls the shifting lighting of the film set. This installation practically reverses that relationship, replacing the original audio with the sound of black and white pixels. The piece is reminiscent of Bruszewkski’s 1979 installation TV Chicken [Telewizyjna kura].