a tangible, interactive environment

Post-Apocalypsis (opening night 17.06.2015, Polish national exhibition, Prague Quadriennial 2015)

The Post-Apocalypsis installation projects a precise contemporary vision of the networked and global world. Viewers enter directly into a condensed space of real-time weather-data streams, including those from places of energy-related threats and disasters on Earth (Chernobyl, Los Alamos, Fukushima). The constantly updated data is processed artistically through sonification – in this way, the installation is filled with a changing audiosphere, active towards human presences.

In the interaction that the exhibition assumes, a new understanding of technology is also revealed. Commonly defined in the romantic approach as an antinomy to nature, it becomes a part of nature in the installation, forming with it and the viewers a hybrid communication ecosystem. In Post-Apocaplypsis, we are faced with man treated primarily as an active part of earthly weather. By means of technological tools, man is able to impact many factors determining the conditions of existence and survival of organisms on Earth.

The Post-Apocalypsis won the Gold Medal at Prague Quadrennial 2015 for Sound Design, which the jury appreciated for its clever use of sound – the sensitive and interactive sound design reflects contemporary ideas relating to the relationship between man, nature and technology as part of a hybrid communications system (

The Post-Apocalypsis team:

Post-Apocalypsis (Polish national exhibition, Prague Quadriennial 2015)