Przyjemność bez Satysfakcji (Pleasure without satisfaction)

"Pleasure without satisfaction" (2009) - an exhibition of works by students of the Intermedia Faculty of the Art University of Poznań (Poland). Artists: Mikołaj Syguda, Alicja Sowiar, Łukasz Sosiński, Virgins Deluxe Editio, Maria Toboła, Sylwia Czubała. Exhibition curated by Paweł Janicki.

From curator's statement: for the exhibition I decided not so much to select a works according to a particular key, but to find a program made ​​up of those that bear a common stamp - this is perhaps an obvious way, but its effects remain, with some effort, invariably fascinating.

The exhibition took place in Aula Gallery (Poznań/Poland, January - June, 2009).