Performance on Demand was presented during WRO Media Art Biennial 2001.

Performance on Demand

Performance on Demand (screencast), International Media Art Biennale WRO 2001

Performance on Demand is a collaboration between Anna Płotnicka (performer) and Paweł Janicki (interactive director). and it's a performance, in which the audience through the Internet collectively steers the artist's activities.

The performer finds herself in an isolated space, and has to her disposition a set of simple objects of everyday use, such as matches, a jug, a book, a pen, etc. The space with the person inside is monitored by a camera, and the registered image is transmitted by the Internet in the real time, constituting at the same one of the elements of the www page, through which the audience controlls and influences the artist's activities.

The www page contains the interface in the form of a set of icons representing objects and activities, a window with the set of recently choosen commands, and the transmission window.

The audience - using Internet connected computers, defines and sends commands for the performer, who observes them on the screen, interprets and executes. Her actions are observed in the preview widow on the www page.