Kisses - an interactive installation by Kasia Kifert, Dawid Marcinkowski and Paweł Janicki

Interactive installation Kisses by Kasia Kifert, Dawid Marcinkowski and Paweł Janicki - screencast

Kisses is an interactive installation based on photo series by Kasia Kifert and interactive strategies and tools developed together by Paweł Janicki and Dawid Marcinkowski. The interface of the work allows visitors to uncovering fragments of photographs with movement and gestures, creating an intimate, personal situation, even if received by many people at the same time.

In this work the intimate nature of the images created by Kasia Kifert was amplified by the customized method of the presentation, breaking of a typical photography exhibitions strategy inherited the painting and releasing a photograph of the framework and physical media.

The installation is relatively simple in terms of technology, but it is important that the authors decided to look at the photography in the age of digital media as a fully-fledged form of expression, not infantile entertainment technology embedded into social media and mobile devices. This is not just a long discredited digital photography, rather a form of artistic expression that uses the achievements of photography and interactive art.