Specially created score processing software for the Chopinpiano Apparitions/Disparitions by Robert Cahen

Chopinpiano Apparitions/Disparitions by Robert Cahen at Helios Cinema Theatre during Media Art Biennale WRO 2013, 2013

Chopinpiano Apparitions/Disparitions by Robert Cahen at WRO Art Center, 2011

The exhibition CHOPINPIANO Hommage à Chopin features works by Robert Cahen – a renowned French artist who studied with Pierre Schaeffer, began his career as a composer of musique concrète, and went on to create many classics of video art and media art. This exhibition takes an innovative approach to intertwined topics: Chopin’s music, perceptions of his work, and revolutionary uses of prepared pianos by avant-garde artists in the second half of the 20th century, whose experiments contributed significantly to the development of contemporary music and art.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is an audiovisual instrument: a 19th-century grand piano, made by the Małecki Piano Factory in Warsaw, that has been prepared, turned over and suspended high in the air. The preparation consisted of integrating the piano with a computer and adding a video projector. The keys are activated by the video image showing the hands of young pianists playing various works by Chopin.

Video: Robert Cahen
Edited by Thierry Maury – Pixea Studio
Piano preparation: Jacek Kozłowski
Software: Paweł Janicki