Pole-Land - the first work of Angels of Stealth (Paris-Warsaw 2005)

Pole-Land - the first work of Angels of Stealth - is an allegory of the human and urban body. A story of Warsaw individualised and played out as the juxtaposition of the symbolic and the personal.

The work bridged between two spaces – theatre and club. The audiences committed to and entered the spaces separately, choosing a different version and atmosphere of the same piece - the theatre, a large formal space with raked seating; the club a smaller space with soft seats and a bar where guests could consume alcohol.

In the 45-minute solo work, the action on theatre side was pre-recorded and Chmielewska played out in symbolic time. In the club she controlled time as a self-edited film, through interactive triggers. Her three suitors, Tom, Elvis and Otis could be turned on and off at her whim, or she could ignore them all and take a drink at the bar.

  • Conception/direction: Rodney Place
  • Performance: Katarzna Chmielewska
  • Knights d’Amour – Nuit d’Armure composition: Patryk Zakrocki
  • Songs and Voice: Anna Maria Karczmarska
  • Technical director and editor: Borys Pugacz-Murszkiewicz
  • Interactive programming and sound design: Paweł Janicki
  • Costume: Marta Rowińska